Social security insurances can, as is generally known, provide for income or benefits in certain situations. This can for instance be an unemployment allowance or a study cost allowance but also a reimbursement for medical expenses incurred. Due to various national and international developments, it is often unclear if and where one is entitled to these benefits and if these benefits remain to be sufficient.

Not only in a normal local employment situation but also in case of secondment of employees abroad or in the situation of hiring foreign employees, questions arise regarding social security.

WT&ES is more than happy to advice about your social security position or the social security position of your employees.
For this WT&ES can rely on an extensive experience and knowledge in the field of national and international social security processes.
We are happy to advice you about the different possibilities based on actual law and jurisprudence in this complex playing field. Obviously, every company and every employment situation is unique so that no standard solutions apply.

Our services consist of amongst others:

– Analysis and advice on applicable social security legislation;
– Applications for A1 statements or Certificates of coverage;
– Identifying possible gaps and providing for tailor made solutions;
– Drafting of pension analysis;
– Support with registration in the Netherlands or abroad with the competent authorities.

We are happy to listen to you during a personal meeting. so that we can give you appropriate advice regarding your social security situation.

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