Operating across borders triggers more than mere tax obligations. Expanding or moving business to other countries leads to the application of the legal regulations and corresponding administrative obligations of those counties. In case of hiring foreign personnel or sending personnel abroad, questions arise with regard to labor law, assignment and employment contracts as well as migration and visa regulations. For all those contracts and questions, WT&ES can help you.

Doing business across borders

You may consider expanding your business outside or inside the Netherlands. In both cases, you are subjected to corporate law and administrative obligations such as

– Registration at the local chamber of commerce;
– Registration with the tax authorities;
– Opening a (blocked) bank account.

WT&ES can advise and guide you through these legal and administrative obligations when expanding inside or outside the Netherlands. By doing this, we also take into account the applicable labor law when hiring personnel in your new location.

Sending personnel abroad

In case of sending personnel abroad, WT&ES can advise and assist you with

– Drafting employment agreements and expat contracts;
– Verifying if collective labor agreements are applicable;
– Investigating the migration requirements and applying for required permits.

Hiring foreign personnel

Also with regard to hiring foreign personnel for the Netherlands, WT&ES can be of service to you.
For this, we can provide support and advise with regard to

– Review of migration and visa requirements and application for required permits;
– Drafting of labor contracts;
– Verification of requirements and restrictions of applicable collective labor agreements;
– Administrative obligations of the employees such as registration in the Netherlands or applying for the registration numbers.
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