As partner in the international network of Global Tax Network (GTN) for Belgium, The Netherlands and Germany, WT&ES can rely on many years of experience in assisting Belgian, Dutch and German companies and individuals doing business or working in Belgium and/or The Netherlands and/or Germany.

Examples of our service offering are amongst others:

– Tax and legal support with start-up and regular business operations in The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, such as assistance in the choice between company or branch office and preparation of VAT declarations, annual accounts and corporate income tax returns;
– Assistance regarding personnel matters including legal assistance in recruitment of personnel and optimization of the differences between the countries concerned, drafting employment contracts, coordination of all periodic payroll formalities, development of salary splits, application for the expat status or the 30% ruling, optimization of the social security position (posting, simultaneous employment according to EU regulations or international treaties) and preparation of individual income tax returns;
– Guidance in reorganizations Belgium-The Netherlands-Germany, both for the employer and for the employees, such as drawing up an overview of the consequences in terms of corporate tax, income tax, wage tax, required formalities, social security and labor law, giving presentations to employees and making comparative gross-net calculations;
– Advice for Dutch, Belgian and German emigrants such as assistance with the purchase of a property, transfer of registered office of companies, pension optimization and preparation of all necessary declarations;
– Advice on transfer of property such as analysis and optimization of prenuptial agreements, advice on inheritance and succession planning and advice regarding donation possibilities.

Our integrated approach is in this respect our strength since Dutch, Belgian and German advisors are working at WT&ES.

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