In this time of globalization, more corporations decide to go international. This concerns not only the companies but also employees will be recruited from abroad or sent abroad, resulting in the application of foreign legislation and regulations. In some cases it may only concern a few employees but in the case of mergers and take-overs, the number of employees involved can grow substantially.

Going beyond the national boundaries has substantial consequences for your company’s HR and payroll departments. The most important ones are:

– Differences in law and regulations with regard to the remuneration and the ways of submitting this information to the local authorities;
– Differences in law and regulations with regard to the management of HR processes, including sick-leave and contract management, while taking into account that such information may be required by external organizations/systems;
– Differences in culture, requesting different forms of interactions, values and customs, communication and correspondence;
– Differences in language, resulting in employees facing difficulties to correspondence and meetings, leading to misinterpretations.

WT&ES has specialized advisors in the field of national and international taxation and social security.
We support the processing in the payroll administration of ‘salary splits’, tax beneficial regimes such as the Dutch 30% ruling, shadow payrolls and much more.
If requested, we can also take care of the local payroll administration that requires more than average/common care.

Our services are not only limited to payroll administration but also encompasses assistance in the specific areas of employment and expat contract conditions, insurances for sick-leave or disability-leave, application of company pension plans or Collective Labor Agreements, contact with tax authorities or social instances such as the Dutch UWV, disability service (Arbo) and more.
Together with you we will discuss all applicable legislation to ensure the most optimal choice for your company and your employee(s).

Due to our close relationship with our international network, we can ensure in almost all countries a central coordination for HR and payroll administration. You have just one contact point and WT&ES will ensure alignment in the relevant country.

Our services can be summarized as follows:

– Preparation and processing of the more complex payroll administration of expats;
– Preparation of yearly payroll overviews in specific international situations;
– Executing and processing of standard and complex wage forms;
– Set up and structuring of the Dutch payroll administration;
– Advising on and implementation of net wage agreements (hypo tax and/or tax equalization);
– Administration of foreign social security and pension contributions and if needed support in implementation and payment;
– Set up, support and maintenance of international payroll administrations;
– Integrated international payroll solutions;
– Management of online digital archive for all personnel and payroll administration documentation.
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